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Big news: There is now a career-spanning retrospective of the Tape Mountain Sound entitled Memory Excellence courtesy of our friends at Deathbomb Arc. Nearly 30 years of me doing stuff. It's also available on your favorite streaming service - search for "Memory Excellence" and look for the picture of a floppy disk with neon index card pieces. Do not be fooled by false Jake Andersons.

I'm just about done with my first album of the child-rearing era. It is going to have 33 songs and fit on a 3" CD-R, because everyone is clamoring for 3" CD-Rs in 2019. Watch this space.

We've switched our hosting service to a much more frugal one (in keeping with the Tape Mountain Way) and we're in the process of rebuilding links. Direct downloads from Tape Mtn. are down at the moment, but I'll try to rebuild those soon.

I'm relaunching the blog, because that's what people do in 2017, right? People are just crazy about blogs.

The Cosmic Cruncher EP is available on Red Hef Records' Bandqlamp page.

New, short, and ridiculous 4-minute "hardcore" EP Preparation Omega is on the archive page. "Hardcore" is stretching it, I guess.

You also may have missed Tualatin or the Voice of Shrillness, Faithful Perpetual, and, on Bandqlamp, the debut Cosmonox album. These and decades more are available in the archive.


I'm playing guitar with legendary Portland writer Jennifer Robin on January 8 at the Bit House Saloon in Portland.

All I Feel Is Yes (I play bass and other things):
January 26th: release show for the Overdose on Yes EP. I play guitar on all songs.

Cosmonox (I play Language Master): Maybe March 22 at No Fun? Still unconfirmed.

Dr. Something (I play bass):
No shows at the moment, I think, but check out the Beaverton TC single!

Contact me to book a live performance.


Welcome to the new Tape Mountain! We've redesigned and rewritten everything, so hopefully it will look a little better and be a little less confusing. Please poke around the Music Archives - there is a lot there. Anything you miss from the old site? Drop me a line and let me know!

Also, we have a baby now. Email me for pictures.

Updated: Jan. 2, 2019