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UPDATE Feb. 4, 2018: Zip links will be down until I get around to rebuilding the sounds folder. Sorry. I'll take care of it soon.

This represents my attempt to get every solo album I've ever recorded in one place. I'll add collaborations later. All dates are approximate. With a few exceptions, these are all free for your personal enjoyment. For a few, there are external Bandcamp links. Questions? Requests? Email me.

Spirit Duplicator

This is my newest solo project name and represents solo works going back to 2007.

2017 Preparation Omega Sleep-deprived hardcore songs written after being awakened by a baby, and then recorded in one frantic hour on 4/9/17. 4 songs, 4 minutes. Whew!
2016 Tualatin, or the Voice of Shrillness All tiple, all adolescent awkwardness in the title city from 1986-1993.
2015 Faithful Perpetual Moments, geysers, explorations, forgetting.
2014 Scripts Noisy pop explorations of reference works, writing systems, delusions, insomnia, prayers. A good one.
2013 Mayfly C2 Two one-minute tracks, originally released on a two-minute cassette.
2013 Topological Fantasy (split with the Minor Thirds) Chris, Joanie, and I record four Minor Thirds songs in my living room summer 2012. Then I write four response songs and we record them in the summer of 2013. Bandcamp link.
2013 Corridor Forever Obsessive pop songs about corridors, childhood, and work. Features three songs called "Luscious Green Corridor." Link is to the Bandcamp page for Unread Records of Pittsburgh, PA.
2013 END Autumnal drone and brittle delay pedal freakouts for multiple instruments.
2012 White Fire of Eternity Hypnotic explorations for arpeggiated Casio and guitar instruments. Heavy.
2012 Eternal Youth and Obscurity Glimmering and trebly pop for electric guitar and a banjo made out of a TV tray.
2010? Tualatin Summer Four-track rock cassingle featuring three songs named "Tualatin Summer," plus a wild cover of Dr. Something's masterpiece "Schrödinger's Quarantine."
2009 Tonight I'll Forget the English Language Features "Listening to Aphrodite's Child's 666 in the Parking Lot of the Tigard Babies R Us at Night" as well as another song with the same title. A Deathbomb Arc release; link is to their Bandcamp page.
2009 Infinitesimalizer I want to be so small that you'll blink and you'll miss it. Features the snappy civil defense hit "Estacadaward."
2008 Thirdmaster Chris Piuma was moving to Toronto, so in response to the Minor Thirds' Jakelele, an album of Celesteville covers on the ukulele, I put together this album of loud Minor Thirds covers on the Language Master. REDUCE VOLUME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
2008 Cedes Songs about loss, and songs about bicycles, and songs about blackberries, and songs about bicycles that are songs about loss, and songs about blackberries that are songs about loss.
2008 Fluid Duplicator Water songs, including several brief songs about bottled water and one epic excursion about selling water and selling out.
2007 Duplicate Bridge Album composed on a dare with Steve Egan - both albums had the same song titles. Features the epic "American Suite" and songs about the bus.


Solo projects from approximately 1997 to 2006.

2006 Soft Rock Is Forever Surprising Language Master noise album recorded the night before the 2006 Gang Wizard European tour in order to bilk Euros from fancy noiseniks.
2006 Transcriptionists 2006 album recorded in the suburbs. Solid pop hits throughout, pastoral flavor. Includes some of my most over-the-top vocals.
2005 split 3-inch with Friends and Family Three plaintive songs about California. Heavy citrus analogies.
2004 Spirit Duplicator Brittle 2004 Language Master-centric solo record. The sound of the dark basement in the collapsing house. Recorded in one week before the first Yuma Nora tour in November. A favorite.
2003 Malmo Recorded in a former church in Malmo, Nebraska. Light and airy and spontaneous love songs played with people who I'd never met and who'd never heard the songs before. Somehow it worked.
2002 Vast and Sad Live and snarly. One song with Rose 4 Bodhan at KPSU, four basement rock bangers with Sean Brooks destroying the drums, three ululating exorcisms with Rob Enbom and Creepy Crawly Claw on the unforgettable 2002 Washington tour.
2001 Lingua Ignota Needly and intimate sounds of the return to the Northwest. It's complicated.
2001 Soup vs. Potatoes Split tape on Morc (with the John Merrick Band), drawing on songs from the Lingua Ignota sessions and the sessions with Luv[sic].
2001 Sing Like Birds (with Luv[sic]) Pop song extravaganza with simpatico reverby backup from criminally underappreciated Seattle trio Luv[sic]. A gem.
2001 Purest Blue Light Endless improvised madness on Jennifer Robin's show on KBOO. Not an everyday listen, but maybe just what you're looking for if you're halfway between pissed and haunted?
2000 Flows West to East After finally throwing in the towel on the California experiment and heading back to Oregon, I took a little road trip with my mom and my tiple. Field recordings of squirrels, grandmas, bathtubs, and mosquitoes with sprightly accompaniment and tape hiss.
2000 Kohoutek Songs from California 1995-2000 - like if you took the contents of several swap meets plus several tons of twenty-something angst, shook it up, and dumped it out on top of a four-track. Sad messes all over. Epochal.
2000 Unconsumed An actual lathe-cut record (long since sold out). First attempt at digital recording.
2000 Invisible Tape Songs from the Kohoutek era, somehow even sadder than that album? Also on Unread.

Yak Brigade / Yak Ampersand / Yak & / Yak

Ridiculous solo moniker used in the mid-90s. Very strummy, very young.

2000 Baratolandia Compilation of various tracks from the late-90s California years. All over the place.
1997 Albania Tonight (link coming soon) Released as a one-sided 12" on the legendary Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club. Totally bonkers - kalimbas, samplers, Odyssey^2 voice experiments, flangers, synthesizers, you name it - but also surprisingly pop sounding.
1995 Twerp Punk rock shrieking, still small songs of the suburbs, lots of quality bucket manipulation by Brian B, ring modulators, polka.
1995 Cakes, Pies, & Cauliflowers Split with all-time legend Charlie McAlister on his Flannel Banjo label. Peak college sounds. Worth seeking out Charlie's side as well, a real high point.
1994 Flavor House A little slower than the debut cassette, a little sadder, a little more complex.
1993 Steadfast, Unalterable, Unyielding Debut cassette on Catsup Plate Records. Ludicrously fast strumming and youthful energy all over.

Various collaborations

Soon, I hope to put up various collaborations that are (a) unrepresented elsewhere, and (b) at least largely my intellectual property - i.e. I wasn't just the bass player. Soon.


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