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Activity Universal Associates

Activity Universal

Eric played the bass and Jake played the Language Master as Activity Universal Associates. Then we dropped "Associates" to lower the syllable count. Later on, Jason came in and added his handmade synth creations and beatmaking expertise. Nuclear post-dub furniture music for life activities - dishwashing, crosswords, whittling. Live, things get a little more heated.


Then Eric took off for Tucson and Jake and Jason kept it up, this time with a dancier four-track and keytar approach. At least one album is available on the Cosmonox Bandcamp page.

Upcoming shows:

None at the moment - please contact us for info on playing your next farmers market, laser rave, or birthday party.

Recorded output:

What's next?

We'll see. Anyone want to dare us to do something?

Updated Feb. 3, 2017