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New Releases

New albums include Tualatin or the Voice of Shrillness, Faithful Perpetual, and the debut Cosmonox album on Bandcamp. These and decades more are available in the archive.


2/25/17 at the Blue Room, Cartlandia, Portland, OR, USA: I'll be playing bass with Dr. Something, along with pop-country recontextualizationalists Redneck Baby and power-pop stalwarts Metropolitan Farms. Contact me to book a live performance.


Welcome to the new Tape Mountain! We've redesigned and rewritten everything, so hopefully it will look a little better and be a little less confusing. Please poke around the Music Archives - my hope is to eventually put everything I've ever done up for free download. And I hope to relaunch the blog soon. Anything you miss from the old site? Drop me a line and let me know!

Updated: Feb. 3, 2017